My journey begins…..

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Standing around this enormous convention hall, I’m listening intently to these beautiful people talk about something that I had NEVER heard of before. What the heck is a ketone??? I had no clue! All I know is the people listening to them were AMAZED. I would say that it probably had something to do with the fact that Kate and Jason(pictured below) did NOT look like they did a year before.

Jason( J Nye the Science Guy) was talking about how this can help with SO many things which included inflammation and muscle preservation. Myy immediate thought was “WOW, this can really help Joe because of all his aches and pains from the wreck!” I had no idea that when I made that statement that there were so many more benefits that would eventually help not only my family but so many of my friends and loved ones.






Now, don’t misunderstand. This is not a weight loss “fad”. Our bodies can MAKE ketones. This is science.

As I stood there listening, Kate mentions digestion. I was most definitely interested in that because of my issues but still a tad skeptical because up until that point, I had already tried everything…but I was of the mind of “what the heck, I might as well”. I think the way I felt that day REALLY made up my mind………..

Do you know how the higher camera angle is supposed to make you look thinner??? Well, take a look at the picture on the left. I’m coming up an escalator😳 That picture was taken just 1 year ago(Jan 2018). I was bloated, sick to my stomach and gaining weight like crazy.I was tired all the time and confused about why I felt this way. Sure, I have a smile on my face in the picture on the left but I was sick that day in Nashville. As I was every single day of my life.I was moody and short tempered because when you don’t feel well, you can’t tolerate much at all. My family took the brunt of that and I didn’t like myself anymore.

I needed something in my life to shift and FAST!

I came home from Nashville on a mission. I ordered the drink on January 29th and I’ve never been the same since.