3 weeks in…is this for real?

Ok, WHAT is the deal? I’m NOT hungry. Up until this point, I was a breakfast, lunch and dinner gal when I wasn’t cursing the existence of food because I was in so much pain.

Do you know people will eat JUST because it’s “morning” or “lunch times” or “dinner time”? We have been FOOLED my friends! We don’t NEED to eat that much!!

With the stomach issues I had going on, I sort of developed an intermittent fasting regime without even knowing what that was. Mind you, this was BEFORE my drink came into play so I was soooo hungry when I’d go hours without eating. Bottom line, I was just miserable all the time. Now, once an month, I can go 60 HOURS without eating and do intermittent fasting in between. How is that possible????

pure. therapeutic. ketones.

and not just ANY ketones. Ours are superior to any others that you’ll find out there. How do I know this?

Because we hold the patent for bio-identical ketones meaning they are the same as the ketones made in our bodies!!

Can’t get that anywhere else folks.

Anyways, no really wanting to make this all scienc-y but the research speaks for itself. All I know is I went from this…..to this in less than a year.

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