Onward and ONLY upward from here….

I started drinking this drink consistently everyday. I noticed energy on DAY 1😮.

I thought it was all on my head but after 4 days of not crashing at 3 in the afternoon I was becoming VERY hopeful.

A week went by…then 2 weeks and I was feeling like a rockstar. I couldn’t believe it.

*TMI WARNING…..I was going to the bathroom EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I’ve NEVER done that in my life!

I began to tell everyone about how great I felt and what I was doing and how easy it was and how they could do it too! The messages started pouring in…

Pretty soon my whole world changed and the next thing I know, I’m inspiring others to seek out better in their lives and helping them on their journey with pure therapeutic Ketones.

By the way……. if you’ve never seen the Magic Pill documentary…..PLEASE GO NOW and watch it. It will changer your world. It can be found on Amazon Prime or Netflix.

I was getting TONS of these messages and it still continues today! I’ve had a hand in help over 2000 people as of today in my 1 year of this journey. When I began, it was to fix me. Now that I’m finally healthy again it’s my turn to help others. I have never felt more ALIVE. I feel like this is exactly what God put me on this planet to do. Helping others has completely fulfilled my heart. My cup runneth over……

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